The Calais Port major extension has become a reality thanks to all stakeholders’ continued commitment throughout its long history. The Calais Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiated from 2020 onwards its conception strongly supported by the Région which became the owner in 2007. The project also received significant support from the European Commission.

Its €863 million funding was completed in 2015:

Works began at the end of 2015 to be completed in May 2021. The schedule was respected with little impact from the health crisis.

Impressive, marine, land, technical, innovative works … during more than five years with the highlight of this monumental breakwater over 3 kilometers in length requiring 6 million cubic meters of quarry material and 16,564 Xblocs®.

This eco-designed construction site strictly respected the commitments of the Région Hauts-de-France during the public enquiry to preserve the flora and fauna…
Nearly three million working hours on site, hundreds of regional providers involved and a substantial number of employees on social integration schemes… The impact in terms of employment and economic benefits was gradual but real throughout the construction period.

It is a great investment in the general interest of Calais, the local area, the Région and Europe… An economic and logistical stepping-stone for the future to adapt to changing mobilities and exchanges of the 21st century, a new port for Calais…

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